Tips for live betting at Bet365 – Part Two

With a two-goal lead a team one should look at and assess whether the leading team continues to play forward and wants to make a goal or if it is already on protection of the balls and plays more backward the game very well.

A good way in my opinion also is that in distance back in a favorite – again assuming again you can see that the favorite will win – a victory or if possible to bet at Bet365 on an Asian Handicap 0, then you would already be in a draw not lose. If you want to go risk, you can also bet on an Asian Handicap 1 on the favorite, then you get though only slightly if the home team with more than one goal to win, but there can often have a ratio of more than 3 This would, for example, in the CL between Barcelona – folded Leverkusen – Stuttgart and the last Bundesliga match 2007 Bremen.

Most important, however, to look at the game to compare with the bets and odds, then come to a conclusion -> bet or not to bet at Bet365

In order to make clear the importance of the ratio:

Suppose that a team has been 5-0 corners. The ratio to the next corner of this team is 1.1 ( it can be considered but you do not bet, because only a very small profit possible). Is the contrast ratio of 1.5 would be for me a safe bet at Bet365.

There are already six yellow cards and the referee has already been twice to the coaches to get them to calm the players (was at a game in the Primera Division). The rate on a sending off in this game is 1.3 (in my view too bad). Suppose that the quota – as was indeed the case – was 2.4. In my view, a clear bet. (In the corresponding case, there were a total of 4 red cards!)

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